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Online shop now open. 

Mix and match our versatile, food safe stoneware collections for the shapes and sizes to suit your table with plates, bowls (all sizes), jugs, teapots, mugs, sugar bowls, salt pigs, spoon rests, cups and saucers, and yes, even a sink!

Unique gifts for Christmas for those who are `difficult to buy for`.

Raku Vase


I have been living and working as a potter on Arran since 1986 and in the spring of 1998 I set up the pottery and gallery at the Balmichael Visitor Center in Shiskine. In 2012 I relocated to Old Byre Showroom at Machrie. 

My pots
bowl decorated with black and cream slips under a copper chun glaze

I had a very useful conversation with a very talented and enlightened potter/sculptor, (Christy Keeney, google him he's ace!) about ten years ago.  My head was down a bit and I was having a bit of a moan,he asked me" what do you like making the most?",  I said "bowls", "then go back to your workshop and make bowls my son" I said "okay" and I`ve never looked back.

I still make many other functional pieces which you will find under `Buy my Work`, and I take commissions, plates with house names/numbers, commemorative plates etc, even sinks!

At the moment I am loving the marks that a bold brush stroke can make using coloured slips,(liquid clay) and hope that you can still detect some of that fluidity in the finished/fired work.

Raku vase with wax resist and yellow craquelle glaze

Raku is a term used to determine the firing process. Originaly a Japanese thechnique used in conjunction with the tea ceremony,  western potters have embraced and developed Raku. The process involves extracting the pot from the kiln while it is still hot (about 1000 cc) and treating it by burying the piece in sawdust, newspaper or any other organic material that you fancy. Currently I`m using horse hair and feathers for a startling glaze effect.  

Painted Silks
Hand painted origonal  earthenware tile by Margaret Gruber.

As well as pottery I now produce hand painted silk scarves, wall hangings, cards and framed silk paintings.

Hand painted silks by Margaret Gruber

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